Exploration of the Role of Nogo-A in Stroke

The occurrence of stroke induces an increase in Nogo-A expression, which in turn affects nerve fiber growth, cerebral vascular repair, neuronal activity, and other factors. Meanwhile, studies have shown that anti-Nogo-A antibodies can provide good therapeutic effects in stroke, and anti-Nogo-A antibodies have been shown to be safe for use in phase I clinical trials in acute spinal cord injury. However, the specific mechanism of action of Nogo-A in the pathological process of stroke is not yet clear. Therefore, Ace Therapeutics provides excellent services to fully investigate the role of Nogo-A in stroke pathology in order to advance the understanding of stroke and to promote the development of stroke therapies.

Exploration of the Role of Nogo-A in Stroke

Exploration of The Effects of Nogo-A on Post-Stroke Neurological Function

Given the differential impact of Nogo-A on multiple functions after stroke, Ace Therapeutics offers comprehensive services to explore its impact on neurological function in stroke pathology.

  • We provide different in vitro and in vivo models of stroke with abnormal Nogo-A expression to assess the effect of Nogo-A on the pathological process of stroke.
  • We study the neurobiology of the post-stroke brain by bundle path tracing, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, receptor localization, and other methods.
  • We provide different assays targeting brain cell activity to assess the effect of Nogo-A on brain cell activity and survival after stroke.
  • We evaluate the effect of Nogo-A on cerebral angiogenesis by detecting angiogenesis-related biomarkers, neoangiogenesis assays, and other methods.

Exploration of the Role of Nogo-A on Neuroanatomical Plasticity after Stroke

Neuroanatomical plasticity is crucial for stroke treatment and recovery. Therefore, Ace Therapeutics offers a comprehensive service to explore the impact of Nogo-A on neuroanatomical plasticity in the post-stroke brain.

  • We offer different assays to explore the effects of abnormal Nogo-A expression on the striatum, nucleus accumbens, pons, cervical spinal cord, and other sites in the brain.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of genetic and protein assay services for biomarkers associated with these sites to evaluate the role of Nogo-A on neuroanatomical plasticity at the molecular level.
  • We offer different behavioral tests to assess the role of Nogo-A on brain function after stroke.

Given the excellent therapeutic efficacy of anti-Nogo-A antibodies in stroke treatment, it is important to further explore the important role of Nogo-A in stroke pathology and to understand the specific mechanism of action of antibodies to facilitate the development of additional stroke therapies. If you would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us.

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