Stroke Drug Development Targeting Different Cell Types

Different cell types, especially different brain cell types, play an important role in stroke pathology and they can exert beneficial and harmful effects on neurons through different pathways. Thus, it is an important means of treating stroke to develop modulators that target microglia so that they inhibit the harmful effects of cells on stroke and promote the beneficial effects of cells on stroke, thereby directing them to protect neurons. In view of this, Ace Therapeutics offers a comprehensive service to target studies for the development of new stroke drugs based on different cell types.

Stroke Drug Development Targeting Astrocytes

Stroke Drug Development Targeting Different Cell Types

Astrocytes are a key structural and functional part of the tripartite synaptic and neurovascular unit that communicates with neurons, oligodendrocytes, and endothelial cells. During stroke pathology, astrocytes have both beneficial and detrimental effects on neuronal survival by performing multiple functions in different forms in different pathological situations. Therefore, it is an important way to target astrocytes for stroke treatment by appropriately modulating astrocytes to enhance their beneficial effects and inhibiting their harmful effects on neurons. With this in mind, Ace Therapeutics offers a comprehensive service to explore and optimize studies targeting astrocytes for stroke drug development. We offer different drug screening platforms to screen for astrocyte modulators and a comprehensive preclinical pharmacological activity evaluation service for astrocyte modulators. Our comprehensive services are designed to facilitate the smooth conduct of your studies.

Stroke Drug Development Targeting Microglia

Stroke Drug Development Targeting Different Cell Types

Multiple receptors are present in microglia. They transform microglia into different phenotypes and functions in response to immune signals, neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and metabolites. Activation of microglia is essential for neurogenesis, angiogenesis, and synaptic remodeling, which contribute to the recovery of neurological function after stroke. It is generally accepted that pro-inflammatory microglia are detrimental to stroke, whereas tissue restorative microglia are beneficial to stroke. Therefore, by targeting different receptors on microglia to promote tissue restoring microglia and other beneficial effects on stroke and inhibit pro-inflammatory microglia and other harmful effects on stroke, stroke treatment can be achieved. Ace Therapeutics offers comprehensive services to target microglia for the development of new stroke drugs.

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