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We are committed to becoming your reliable assistant and partner in the preclinical stage of therapy and medicine development

What We Do

Unlocking Therapeutic Solutions Across Disease Domains

Ace Therapeutics offers an extensive range of preclinical contract research services that cover various fields. These fields include metabolic disorders, infectious diseases, parasites, neurological disorders, ophthalmic conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, and immune system diseases.

Our dedicated team of experienced researchers, coupled with cutting-edge facilities, is committed to expediting the development of groundbreaking therapies that cater to the unmet medical requirements of patients globally. Whether it is early-stage research or translational medicine, we provide customized solutions to facilitate preclinical studies. Our goal is to enable the conversion of promising concepts into transformative treatments that have the potential to change lives.

We offer preclinical services targeting various types of disease.

Our specialized scientists save valuable time in the discovery cycle for researchers.

Our expertise and extensive experience in diverse fields of disease make us a key partner in therpeutics development and preclinical research.

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