Development of RNA-Based Stroke Diagnostic Technology

There are many biomarkers whose levels change significantly after the onset of stroke. However, no biomarker has been identified that can be used directly in the clinical diagnosis and management of stroke patients. Also, it was found that protein markers associated with stroke and those associated with glial activation, inflammation, oxidative stress, neuronal damage, and endothelial dysfunction are elevated in the blood 6-12 hours after symptom onset, which is not sufficient for the short diagnostic time of stroke. Therefore, rational identification of stroke candidate RNAs reflecting components of the stroke cascade is an important way to develop stroke diagnostic technologies. Ace Therapeutics offers comprehensive services to identify stroke specific RNAs and develop stroke diagnostic technologies by effectively combining candidate RNA.

Development of RNA-Based Stroke Diagnostic Technology

Discovery of Candidate RNA

Since different brain diseases may cause some similar pathological changes, the release of certain biomarkers into the cerebrospinal fluid and blood also does not accurately indicate that they are caused by stroke. Therefore, rigorous scientific discovery of RNA specific to the early onset process of stroke is a decisive step in the development of diagnostic technology. Ace Therapeutics offers comprehensive services to explore biomarkers in the early stages of stroke.

  • To establish in vitro and in vivo models of different neurological disorders to identify stroke-specific mRNAs.
  • RNA and RNA abundance in the early stages of different neurological diseases are observed by gene microarray technology, while specific RNAs and their abundance in the early stages of stroke are recorded.
  • Screening and analysis of specific RNAs and the abundance of specific RNAs in the early stages of the stroke to find specific RNAs in the pathological process of stroke.

Development of RNA-Based Stroke Diagnostic Technology

To develop techniques to diagnose stroke onset by effectively combining identified RNAs specific to the early stages of the stroke while assessing their specific feasibility. For stroke diagnostic technology, it is critical to scientifically explore its feasibility and accuracy based on a large number of experiments. Therefore, Ace Therapeutics provides comprehensive scientific services to facilitate the development of stroke diagnostic techniques. At the same time, we have professional scientists who are able to treat every detail of the experiment with accuracy and rigor.

  • Analysis and screening of candidate combinations of different candidate RNAs in silico.
  • Evaluate the diagnostic efficacy of candidate RNA combinations based on animal models of different neurological diseases.
  • Evaluate the accuracy of candidate RNA combinations by a large number of stroke models.

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