Nucleic Acid Chemical Scientist

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide timely feedback on problems encountered in experiments and seek solutions.
  • Responsible for in vitro transcription and preparation and purification of mRNA in the pilot phase, as well as the development of mRNA transcription preparation process suitable for pilot scale up.
  • Participate in the research of mRNA product delivery technology.
  • Participate in pharmacological and toxicological studies of mRNA drugs.


  • Ph.D. in pharmacology, molecular biology, bioengineering, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, or related discipline.
  • Excellent teamwork and professionalism.
  • Experience in vector construction and mRNA in vitro transcription.
  • Extensive experience in nucleoside and nucleic acid synthesis and modification (base, backbone, glycocyclic) is preferred.
* Not accepting calls from applicants.
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