Scientist, Preclinical Drug Development

Key Responsibilities:

  • Be responsible for preclinical studies for stroke R&D projects.
  • Establish in vitro and in vivo evaluation methods for different pathological conditions of stroke, and investigate the effectiveness and mechanism of action of drug candidates.
  • Support and execute relevant drug screening and evaluation projects, and animal evaluation projects for stroke diseases.
  • Coordinate internal and external resources and independently apply expertise to drive the development and implementation of new and unique technologies and projects.


  • Ph.D. in medicine, pharmacology, molecular biology, molecular immunology, or related discipline.
  • Experience in drug development and basic research, preferably in the field of stroke.
  • Proven ability in project design and execution as well as the ability to manage a research team.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and team communication and collaboration skills.
* Not accepting calls from applicants.
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