Immunotherapy Development Service for T1DM

Immunotherapy Development Service for T1DM

T1DM is an autoimmune disease in which T cells attack and destroy the insulin-producing β cells in the pancreatic islets. Immunotherapies are treatments that reprogram the immune system so that it no longer attacks and destroys insulin-producing β cells in the pancreas. Ace Therapeutics can provide immunotherapy development service T1DM with more efficient function analysis.

Introduction of T1DM

Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) is a chronic, immune-mediated disease leading to destruction of pancreatic β cells, which produce insulin under normal circumstances. The development of β cell autoantibodies is induced after exposure of a genetically susceptible individual to an environmental factor, a process which triggers immune response. Destruction of β cells leads to a decrease in insulin secretion, development of hyperglycemia, and ultimately T1DM.

Fig 2. Model of Stages of T1DMModel of Stages of T1DM (Alvin, C. P. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2021)

Immune Pathogenesis of T1DM

The immune pathogenesis of T1DM begins with a breakdown in self-tolerance that leads to a T-cell mediated destruction of β-cells. Classical characteristics of this autoimmune disease include the presence of autoantibodies (AAbs) specific for β-cells antigens and insulitis.

  • Autoantibodies in T1DM Patients
    There are five commonly AAbs are present in patients with T1DM which include ICA (islet-cell cytoplasmic AAb), GADA (glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) AAb), IA-2A (insulinoma 2 (IA-2)- associated AAb), IAA (insulin AAb), ZNT8A (zinc transporter 8 AAb).

Fig 3. Mechanisms of Immune Tolerance and Therapeutics in T1DM Mechanisms of Immune Tolerance and Therapeutics in T1DM (Jeremy, T. W.; et al. Cell Metabolism. 2019)

Immunotherapies for T1DM

Immunotherapies for T1DM have focused on restoration of tolerance, T cell or B cell inhibition, regulatory T cell (Treg) induction, suppression of innate immunity and inflammation, immune system reset, and islet transplantation.

Immunotherapies Description
Pro-inflammatory cytokine inhibition strategy Pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-1β, IL-6, ΤΝF-α are involved in the pathogenesis of T1DM, playing an important role in recruiting immune cells to the inflammation site and interfering with cell transcription and translation pathways via specific inflammatory networks.
Cell immunotherapeutic immunomodulatory approaches directed at B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes, regulatory T cells by anti-CD3, anti-CD20, CTLA-4Ig, anti-CD2.
Autoantigen-specific immunotherapeutic Antigen-specific interventions can suppress autoimmune response and avoid the off-target effects seen with systemic immunomodulating therapies.

Our Services

With years of experience in therapy development, Ace Therapeutics can provide the T1DM immunotherapy development services for our clients. Our services include but not limited to the followings.

Fig 5. Single Immunotherapies

Single Immunotherapies

  • Developing B or T cell-directed therapies
  • Developing antigen-specific intervention therapies
  • Developing immunotherapies of targeting inflammatory pathways

Fig 6. Combination Immunotherapies

Combination Immunotherapies

Developing combination therapies by combining immunotherapies with other therapies to improve efficacy.

Features of Our Services

Highly CustomizableHighly Customizable

One-stop ServicesOne-stop Services

High QualitysHigh Quality

Professional TeamProfessional Team

Ace Therapeutics offers cost-effect and high-quality research services related to T1DM immunotherapy development for our clients worldwide. Our assays are developed and processed with the highest standard and the results are delivered on time without compromising quality. Please feel free to contact us.


  1. Warshauer, J. T.; et al. New Frontiers in the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes. Cell Metabolism. 2020, 31(1), 46-61.
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