Neuron Marker Antibodies

Neuron Marker Antibodies

Ace Therapeutics is committed to supplying high-quality neuron marker antibodies for stroke research to our clients at cost-effective prices. Our full range of neuron marker antibodies include but are not limited to, glutamatergic neuron marker antibodies, GABA neuron marker antibodies, serotonergic neuron marker antibodies, and cholinergic neuron marker antibodies. These antibodies are widely used for various aspects of stroke research, such as neuronal damage, neuroprotection, and neuroregeneration. Researchers can identify and analyze different types of neurons in the affected areas, gaining valuable insights into the mechanisms underlying stroke pathology.

Neurons are the basic units of the nervous system and the main functional units in the brain and spinal cord. Neurons can receive, transmit, and process information. Each neuron consists of a cell body, dendrites, axons, and synapses. The cell body contains the nucleus and cytoplasm of the neuron, the dendrites are the processes that branch out from the cell body and are used to receive information from other neurons, and the axons are the longer processes that are used to transmit information to other neurons. The connection points between neurons are called synapses, through which information can be transmitted between neurons. The complex connections and interactions of neurons form complex and sophisticated neural networks, which are used to process various information such as sensation, movement, memory, and thinking.

  • Neuronal markers allow specific identification and characterization of neurons based on these differences in their molecular and genetic profiles. These markers can include specific proteins, genes, enzymes, or other molecules that are expressed or present in different types of neurons. For example, NeuN is a widely used marker for mature neurons. It specifically labels neuronal nuclei and is often used to assess neuronal loss or survival following stroke.
  • Another commonly used neuron marker is the neurotransmitter that a neuron uses to communicate with other neurons. Neurons can be categorized into different classes based on their neurotransmitter phenotype, such as glutamatergic (using glutamate as the neurotransmitter) or GABAergic (using GABA as the neurotransmitter). These markers provide information about the function and potential connectivity of a neuron within a neural circuit.

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All of our products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.
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