Signal Channel Antibodies

Signal Channel Antibodies

Ace Therapeutics is committed to supplying high-quality signal channel antibodies for stroke research to our clients at cost-effective prices. Our antibodies are specifically designed to detect and characterize important proteins involved in stroke pathogenesis and recovery processes. With our dedication to quality control and rigorous testing, we ensure that our antibodies provide reliable and reproducible results. Whether you are studying the mechanisms underlying stroke onset, investigating potential therapeutic targets, or exploring neurorehabilitation strategies, our signal channel antibodies can play a crucial role in your research.

Neurotransmission relies on a variety of signaling pathways that allow information to be transmitted from one neuron to another, thereby enabling the function of the nervous system. During neurotransmission, signals are transmitted through synapses between neurons. Synapses are divided into two forms: chemical synapses and electrical synapses. Chemical synapses are the most common type of synapse, where signals are transmitted through neurotransmitter molecules. When a nerve impulse reaches the chemical synaptic front, neurotransmitters are released into the synaptic cleft. The neurotransmitter then binds to the corresponding receptor on the receiving neuron, causing a change in electrical potential that causes excitation or inhibition of downstream neurons. Electrical synapses are one of the few types of synapses found in the nervous system. When a nerve impulse arrives, it triggers the flow of transmembrane current, directly activating downstream neurons. Disturbances in neurotransmission after stroke may be related to changes in synaptic function. By studying the effects of different signaling pathways on synaptic structure and function, the potential for synaptic repair and remodeling can be explored to improve the prognosis of stroke patients.

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