Nitric Oxide Channel Antibodies

Nitric Oxide Channel Antibodies

Ace Therapeutics is committed to supplying high-quality nitric oxide (NO) channel antibodies for stroke research to our clients at cost-effective prices. Our antibodies are specifically designed to target and bind to the various NO channels involved in stroke, allowing you to study the intricate mechanisms underlying this disease. Whether you are studying the role of NO channels in stroke pathophysiology, investigating potential therapeutic targets, or developing novel treatments, Ace Therapeutics is dedicated to providing the tools you need for successful research.

As a gas signaling molecule, nitric oxide (NO) can participate in the repair process of brain damage after stroke through various pathways and has the function of protecting nerve cells. NO is produced by nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in response to calcium influx into postsynaptic neurons. It has the unique ability to diffuse freely through cell membranes, thus leading to rapid and widespread effects on neighboring cells. Under certain conditions, such as after stroke, when large numbers of inflammatory cells and inflammatory mediators accumulate in the infarcted area. NO production can be upregulated as part of the brain's defense mechanisms. small amounts of nitric oxide can combat neurotoxic damage by neutralizing free radicals and reducing cell damage.

At Ace Therapeutics, we offer comprehensive research reagent products for studying nitric oxide signaling pathways, including but not limited to eNOS antibodies, iNOS antibodies, DYNLL1 antibodies, and eNOS ELISA kits.

Please access our all-series NO channel antibodies or contact our scientist for personalized assistance.

All of our products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.
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