Custom Complete Global Brain Ischemia Models

The 4-VO model and the 2-VO model are incomplete global ischemic stroke models. Ace Therapeutics also offers other models to simulate complete cerebral ischemia, such as the aorta/vena cava occlusion model and cardiac arrest model.

Our expertise and extensive experience in ischemic stroke, as well as a range of behavioral and analytical tests on animal models, ensures that we can provide you with reliable and high-quality data. All studies can be customized and adapted to meet customer needs.

Custom Complete Global Brain Ischemia Models

Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) Cardiac Arrest

We can induce VF by shocking the heart with electrical stimulation, and study neurological, physiological and histological changes simultaneously. Emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation includes chest compressions, epinephrine injection, transthoracic countershock, and mechanical ventilation. We can provide rats and rabbits for customers to choose.

Aorta/Vena Cava Occlusion

We can create complete cerebral ischemia model in dogs or pigs, by clamping ascending aorta with aorta to right atrium and aorta to femoral vein bypass formation. Dogs or pigs are placed under complete cerebral ischemia for 18 minutes in this way to assess their hemodynamic changes and neurologic outcomes after ischemia.

Chemical Hypoxia and Gas Hypoxia

We also provide a special complete cerebral ischemia model: chemical hypoxia and gas hypoxia in zebrafish. After 10 min of gas hypoxia, infarcts were visible in the optic parietal. With prolonged hypoxia treatment, the damage extended deep into the optic lobes. This model is easy to use and has advantages in high-throughput screening of stroke drugs, but it can only simulate the mechanism of cerebral ischemia and hypoxia.

Applications of Complete Global Brain Ischemia Models

Thess models closely approximate human cardiac arrest and resuscitation, can provide histologic evidence and insights into the mechanisms of brain injury and can be used to study neuroprotective drugs.

Ace Therapeutics guarantees quality data for customizable complete global brain ischemia models. With superior solutions and an experienced team, we are your ideal partner for stroke research. Clients can contact us directly and receive timely feedback.

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All of our services are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.
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